Tips for a Healthy Life Style

Image result for vacuuming while dancingVery likely you chose to rent an apartment the Lodge at Peasley Canyon in Federal Way for its convenience and relaxing style, but you may have also chosen it for its health focused amenities.  The recreation center the pool, the indoor basketball court and the fitness studio are all great ways to get or stay in shape.  Here are a few more tips to live a healthy life style.

  1. Trade out elevators for stairs, or jumping in the car to get coffee for a bike ride, jog or walk.   Walking for 15 minutes can burn up to 66 calories and is a great low-impact way to get exercise.
  2. Stand up rather than sit down when on the phone or in a remote meeting or take a short walk every hour.
  3. Hydrate often.  While you may not need 8 glasses of water a day, adding water to your day has enormous health benefits, try making fruit infused water and bringing it to work.  If drinking more water means more trips to the bathroom, rather than going to the closest one, head to one up a flight of stairs or down the hallway!
  4. Park far away from the store or mall. Don’t always go for the closest spot, when safe, park a distance from the store, this can add several steps to your day.
  5. Housework can be boring unless you blast music and dance and have fun.  Dusting those hard to reach spots is good for your waist line and gives you beneficial stretching.  Vacuuming with a little extra umph can burn a few more calories and make this chore fun!