Best BBQ In Town!

Finding a good BBQ joint in town when you aren’t in the hot South can often times be difficult. You want to get the best of the best, and although you’re in Washington and not in Texas or somewhere off in that area, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t find a place that knows how to do BBQ just right. When you find that perfect BBQ place in town, you go there, and you hold that place dearly to your heart because you’ll never know where else you’ll find another spot like it! Here’s where you should go:

  • BBQ Pete’s in Kent is the best BBQ joint in town! You won’t want to go anywhere else once you’ve tried this place. This “no-frills joint slinging Southern-style wood-pit BBQ & sides such as coleslaw, plus bottled beer” is the perfect place to come after a long day at work when you want to grab a slab of ribs, or maybe a pulled pork sandwich and down an ice cold beer. This will be your new favorite spot.
    6621 S 211th St #106, Kent, WA 98032