Experience Nature’s Beauty This Weekend!


When the weekend arrives, you know that you’re ready to embrace everything and anything that is exciting. After spending the week working, this is your time to shine. Washington is the best and there’s always something to do, so let’s take a look at what fun you can have this weekend!

  • Have Some Drinks + Play Some Games
    Honestly, what is better than a bar that has games? Can’t come up with anything? Makes sense since bar games are the best. Star Bar & Grill is a great place to come this weekend if you want to enjoy some nice cold beers while playing some video games, darts, skeeball and maybe you’ll even get up there and sing some karaoke! The possibilities are endless at Star Bar & Grill so get your group together and go out and enjoy yourselves! You deserve it!
  • Visit The Botanical Garden
    If you’re feeling mellow but looking for nature’s beauty, then you’ll want to head to Rhododendron Species Foundation and Botanical Garden! You can’t go wrong when visiting here, as you’ll be able to see many rhododendron’s and azaleas and much more!